It’s tough building a digital home. Trust me, I know. It’s something every author struggles with. Do you pay a professional the big bucks to create a website? Or do you hobble something together and pray it doesn’t look like a monkey made it?

(No offense to any actual monkeys reading this. I’m sure your work is JUST lovely. Please don’t fling poo at me.)

But what if there’s a third option? One where you get a professional-looking site but at a fraction of the cost web designers usually charge.

Introducing Blogsites.

What’s a Blogsite? Well, you’re looking at one! They’re my hybrid creation; a free Blogger blog decked out with the look and feel of a real website—but at a fraction of the cost.

Currently, I offer three tiers of Blogsite builds.

Standard Blogsite Builds: $35$25

Uses a generic header that CANNOT be changed; even after purchase, header remains for sale. Click here to see my Standard Blogsite options.

Pre-made Blogsite Builds: $50$35

Uses a pre-made header that becomes yours after purchase; it will not be resold. Click here to see my Pre-made Blogsite options.

Custom Blogsite Builds: $75$50

Uses a custom created header that I design for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your Custom Blogsite project; click here to see some of my past Custom Blogsite builds.

***Note: these prices expire June 30, 2017.***

What all does a Blogsite build get you? All Blogsite builds, regardless of tiers, have the following features:
  • Social media icons in the sidebar link to all your social media accounts. 
  • A “subscribe by email” option lets people follow your blog posts and lets you build your client base.
  • The “share buttons” at the bottom of every page and blog post allows you and/or your clients to share content with one click.
  • Custom Favicon, not a generic Blogger icon.
  • For authors: a “cover coming soon” image to use as a placeholder when you’re waiting for new covers.
Blogsites are easy to update and maintain too, even for people who are, shall we say, technologically less advanced. ;-) Or if you want, I can even perform updates/maintenance for a fee of $5 a month, charged only for months updates are performed. After all, you have your next story to write! If you think you’ll have at least one update per month, prepay the entire year for $60$50.

Note: Blogsite build fees do NOT include the cost of a custom domain name (if you want one—they’re not required). Custom domains, on average, run about $12 a year (not purchased through me), and since we’re using a free Blogger blog as the foundation of your Blogsite, there’s no addition yearly fees like hosting.